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Pokémon GO is a reality augmented game released by Niantic on 6th July, 2016. However the game is officially downloadable only in Australia and New Zealand regions.

POKEMON GO-We are not sure when Niantic is going to release it worldwide but following is the step by step guide to download and play Pokémon GO from anywhere in the world.

However if you have an Android phone then you can do the following steps to Play Pokémon GO on your mobile. 

Step 1: first of all click on Pokémon GO and download the .apk package. 

Step 2: On your mobile phone go to settings -> Privacy and turn on Unknown Sources. Your Phone will give a security notification. Click OK

Step 3: Open the .apk Package and install it.

Enjoy the game. Capture your first Pokémon

Its the same as downloading a third party sofware on your Device.



We managed to get our hands on Pokemon GO. After spending several hours playing Pokemon GO we came to following conclusions.

  • It drains battery-a lot of battery
  • You will have to spend money to play the game to its full expectation.
  • You will have to change positions a lot as the pokeshop is located in different realtime places.
  • You will have to keep your location services on all the time. So, more the GPS usage more your battery drains.
  • The game has only one two avatars-one male and one female to choose from.



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