Hideo Kojima: Legend of the gaming world

July 16, 2016 Nadeem Damique

Hideo Kojima is one of the most influential game designers in the world. Born in Tokyo he from the very beginning is a creative man. But unlike any other he did not had any famous family background. He always wanted to get into writing and illustration. But like every other guy in general, he had the same problems-Family pressure. But yet he kept on writing and making illustrations for magazines. Unfortunately none of them got published. In college he chose Economics but as for his love for video games, in the fourth year he announced that he wanted to design Video games. People discouraged him a lot. But he got tremendous support from his mother and kept him intact to pursue his interest.

Hideo Kojima faced a lot of rejection here too as a lot of is game ideas failed to impress companies. For the first time he got hired by ‘KONAMI DIGITAL ENTERTAINMENT’ on their MSX. But as it was a 2d platform and there was not much choice of colors in it, Kojima felt a bit of restriction on his creativity.

Hideo Kojima got a boost when he got a chance to takeover METAL GEAR. He fixed several problems in the game and improved the combat techniques in it. In 1987 METAL GEAR was released with a character named as ‘SOLID SNAKE’ and got incredibly famous among the gamers. SOLID SNAKE makes his appearance in several other Nintendo games too. For his passion and hard work he showed he was promoted as the Vice President of KONAMI DIGITAL ENTERTAINMENT in 2011.

 Hideo Kojima

Hideo Kojima merged with several other game designers and founded ‘KOJIMA PRODUCTIONS’ in 2005. On being asked why he did so, as per Wikipedia he said,

To elaborate a little bit more, I am now in a position within Konami as one of the members of the board, and it's true that I do have a responsibility, and also respect, within the company. However, when I say as a creator, "I want to create this new game", it's still the same as twenty years ago! People still ask, "Will that sell, will that be good?" Nobody really understands whether it would be an instant hit or whatever. I'm not just talking about the top executives, but even the development staff! But that is my challenge, actually. That's what's interesting. They do not understand what they cannot see instantly, so they can't say "that's a great idea" straight away. That's my challenge, and my satisfaction when I present to them, saying I want to create this new thing. And if I get more 'boos' about it - if they say, "No! We don't know what you're talking about!" then this is actually the fun part.
Hideo KojimaKojima Productions
Hideo Kojima

Hideo Kojima gives the player a lot of freedom in his games and the much appreciated style in his games in the element of surprise. Players actually enjoy the frequent surprises they get in the game. It creates a sense of mystery and a desire to keep playing a game to see what happens next. His latest released game ‘METAL GEAR SOLID: PHANTOM PAIN, Kojima was greatly appreciated by the fans as the game has a mind blowing story and huge amount of liberty.

People look forward to his upcoming game ‘DEATH STRANDING’. Even after the trailer release nobody is actually able to figure out what the game is all about. Is it a mystery, or a horror or thriller?

Hideo Kojima Death Stranding

There are thousands and thousands of words that can be written about Hideo Kojima. He is a legend in the gaming universe.

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