PUBG: The phenomenon called Winner Winner Chicken Dinner



If you are here you already know what this article is going to be about. None other than the legendary game PlayerUnknown’s Battleground or in short PUBG. The year 2017 has been the year of battle royale and battle royale still continues to be on the top genre among gamers all round the world. Although after launch, several other gaming franchise have adopted the battle royale format most famous and most competitive being Fortnite which is free to play and has a much more colorful environment and in contrary, PUBG free download for PC and Xbox is not available. However, PUBG Mobile is free to download. There are several pros and cons of each game but one can’t deny that it is because of PUBG that Battle Royale has come back to life. Let us dive a little deep into PUBG. Following are some of facts about pubg that will interest you as a PUBG player.

Who is PlayerUnknown in PUBG?

PlayerUnknown is the online handle of PUBG’s creator Brendan Greene. the named playerunknown comes from a time when Greene was playing ARMA at a friend's house and the default player name was player1 and when creating a new profile and his friends copy of the game he deleted the 1 and added unknown

What brought PUBG into existence?

The game’s concept as well as the name were inspired by the popular 2000 Japanese film battle royale and which teens are placed on an island and forced to fight one another until only one survivor remains. Another inspiration for the game was the Battle Royale inspired Hunger Games series an early plan for PUBG had gear place in a central area of the map just like in Hunger Games but this design choice was changed in part due to copyright issues and partly just because they found that other styles of gameplay worked better through his experience working on mods for ARMA. Greene learned that Island maps worked well for his Battle Royale style.

What’s with Erangel - PUBG's first map?

Erangel is the first map of PUBG and yet after release of several other maps, Erangel continues to be in players’ choice. Erangel has a special connect with gamers’ heart because of the location and environment it offers. To build Erangel Greene wrote a fictional history for PUBG's first Island map for his art team in order to help them conceptualize it's visual design. Some of the in-game architecture was inspired by 1950 Soviet era brutalist buildings. The island which is called Erangel is modeled after Eastern Europe. Erangel is 8x8 kilometers in size and has mountains in the middle not exactly the tropical island we could've all dreamed of. The artist in charge of designing the vegetation on the island spent a week reading the book the trees of Crimea in order to create more realistic trees

Realworld tactical response

One reason for the high difficulty of the game is due to green feeling that single-player games were getting less challenging with ending sequences of games like Call of Duty or assassin's creed not posing a challenge to him. In his word quote, “I want a boss that will take me 17 tries to beat.” Keeping this in mind, Greene decided to give all the weapons a real world response. All the weapons in PUBG matches the pretty much exact damage recoil and projectile of its real counterpart. For examples long ranged bullets hit the players a little below the aim because of the gravity. So whenever you want to take a headshot, it is better to aim a little higher to get a bullseye. Similarly, some bullets can penetrate wood and some may not.

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner-Where did it come from?

After PUBG got its global fame, ‘Winner Winner Chicken Dinner’  or simply ‘Chicken Dinner’ became a quite common noun used extensively by gamers. However, Winner Winner Chicken Dinner was earlier used in ARMA game mod by Greene and hence he decided to keep it the same way in PUBG as well. But the origin of this phrase is pretty much a mystery. Many explanations float on the internet, two of them the very common ones briefed below.

One explanation of the origin of the phrase goes back to the Depression when people played craps and alleys and if they won that meant they could afford chicken for dinner.

Another explanation reveals that years ago casinos in Las Vegas had a three-piece chicken dinner with a potato and a veggie for $1.79. A standard bet back then was $2, hence when you won a bet you had enough for a chicken dinner.

There are several other explanation around as well. Whatever the truth may be, from this century onwards, Winner Winner Chicken Dinner will always be referred with PUBG and the gamers.

PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS though as of today does not rank on top of steam, but it still rules the genre.

The rewards received by PUBG included “Fastest time to sell 1 million units for a Steam Early Access game,” “Fastest Steam Early Access game to gross $100 million,” and “First videogame to reach 2 million concurrent players on Steam.”

In August, PUBG overcame Dota 2 for Steam’s concurrent player record, and broke the two million player barrier just over a month later at the beginning of October. Just after few months of launch, the game was confirmed to pass 20 million copies sold.

Now by the end of this year we have many competitors for PUBG and we have also seen that battle royale games of 2018 include some reputed franchise like Call of Duty as well. Not to mention this has aroused a diverse gaming audience. But after-all this only adds to the gaming community and makes it stronger than before.

Least before you go, one last mind boggling fact. One of the virtual items was reportedly sold for about 1000$. Earlier it started off with 200$. These are rare items as pitched by the company. And who knows, one might be able to sell these for more than 1000$ in coming future.

Social Structure – Urban Dynamics – Distortion

An intrinsic timeline of evident transformation in social structure in all existing/historic/ancient societies was observed and documented in great detail by some of the sociologists and anthropologists. Today, In cities; In almost every developing urban society which is either sitting in one of the central positions of a metropolis or is sprouting as a peri-urban locality on the boundary recites morphological stories of their formation and evolution. These are the settlements which grew as a consequence of adjacent development; Urban centers, institutional precincts or employment junctions which invited masses and drove an infrastructural spree for settling people in and around the activity center. Consequential settlements are formed in-line with the zonal/master development goals, planned; but a major proportion of such settlements are either Squatters or Unauthorized Colonies which are sustaining tirelessly since years.

Reports suggest, infrastructural values of such societies are ill; but the residents, on a contrary, are seemingly happy with the amenities and services available at such costs or we could say, they've have just adapted to the situation. These societies bear similar grain and texture but pronounce distinct stories which have theatrical drama of life, active dynamism of urban growth and a multi-branch social structure.

The following article deals with the urban-social-structure of modern and post-modern settlements in metropolitan cities while highlighting an area specific framework of social and cultural activities.

Sociological excerpts of primitive societies reveal a completely different structure of a clan, a family which is a consolidate and not fragmented. Community efforts were aimed towards panoramic headway of the group and not for individuals, collective management for growth and that system, no matter how archaic it may sound, pulled out definite results. Primitive in nature and simple in composition, even those societies had a well laid social structure with clear understanding of position and designation. Members rightfully followed codes of conduct and pursued endeavors within set limits framed by the leading personnel of the community. Life in primitive societies, as observed, was least competitive for glorious upper ground but instinctive of survival.

Primitive Society

As the time raced ahead, changes were observed, Evolution made survival easy and sustenance became a challenge in the contemporary world. In this new strife to search for means to sustain a life in urban societies, rapid urbanism flooded the canvas of cities and the social structure changed along with the transforming social contours of the modern man. Unlike rural settings, urban scenario demanded a competitive and versatile personality which would walk an extra mile to score an extra run.  There was a prominent shift from communist to capitalist order which focused more on monetary per-capita statistics than societal values. Emotions started drowning, human bonds weakened, segregation became common and a new concept of individualism came into being. Ultimately it led to Isolation, but this phenomenon started trending and accelerated exponentially.

Urban social structure hit the streets post Industrialization and strengthened after proper colonization. Everything became mobile as material and information started moving from one place to another. People moved, temporary or permanent shifts became viable and hence Rural-Urban Migration was the next corner stone for this societal arrangement.

The drifting urban scenario changed towns to cities and sooner into megalopolises, a dynamism of completely new breed which shook the available infrastructure as the demand rose sky high within short spans. An inadvertent stress was laid on urban areas, land values shot up, affordability indices for basic housing stooped and this fiasco led to the birth of urban villages. Less land area, high dwelling density, shrunk domain of basic amenities, poor living conditions, absent recreational grounds and a completely mundane urban social lifestyle. Such localities are an outcome of uncontrolled incidence of employment seeking populace which is incapacitated to hold any land ownership in a potent urban atmosphere with the available pay scales and hence fit in the context, meagerly surviving.


But the question is;

Is this ongoing exodus leading to livable conditions? Better than what we’ve all left behind?

Analytically, economy is the driving force for this out-pour; Urban centers are promising millions of people a job which is better than what they’d have while being in a town or a village. Apart from economy being the flag bearer; institutional availability, hospitality centers, administrative headquarters, legislative groups etc are the subordinate directors of the show, but have proportionally smaller impact. We are here because of certain promises; the promise of an improved pay scale and a global exposure. The promise of better institutional support, the promise of a liberal mind set amid social chaos, the promise of independent living. The promise of transparency & absolute inclusion, promise of being among dexterous brains and brilliant ideas.

Unquestionably almost all the promises were given due regard but at the cost of what?

Primarily; our physiological and psychological health! A factor which wasn’t listed to the urban amateurs and came in with a surprise, too late for recovery; The damage has been done. Metropolitan culture has forced us inside our boxes, with localities being uninteresting, even the box feels good. Cultural and recreational hotspots are created near urban centers to let people take a break but the residential localities are devoid of such shimmers. Once, there existed a life between buildings but the streets have become too narrow to let anyone stand, recreation seems like an alien thought. Urban social structure demands a house to be filled with all possible essentials, they definitely are filled; Is that why the streets are empty?

Limited social interactions, conversations have become too formal, even the greetings have turned into meager gestures. Where has the flavor gone?

By the way, when was the last time your family happily walked the street post dinner? Have you ever sat with your friend on a sidewalk instead of going to a café?

These are tremors of urban development which have one way blissfully levitated the societies and their users but have also crippled the very foundation of a rational social structure. The missing factor; A factor which was certainly weak to be realized at the beginning but turned detrimental afterwards. There is an inevitable impact on societies, a cycle of vicious transgression from being radiant to being monotonous. The cycle has pressing impacts which are negligent at the threshold but horrendous afterwards.

Worst part is, the impacts of this cycle started on day one!

Everyone has rightfully accepted the proliferate urbanization and are moving along the lines, getting attracted like broken iron pieces to a large magnet. A whistle blow is heard and the wheels start to pace.

For further reading within the same lines, refer to Urban Cultures by Richard G. Fox.

the basic idea
the basic idea

Better Bin Design

The better bin Design Project

"How can we create a practical and efficient litter basket for New York City that reduces litter and better serves both Sanitation Workers and the public?"

To find out more, learn, participate; or participate click here.

Catch us at Pratt, ideating, designing and prototyping the New York City Trash Can.

I introduce the team on this project as we take you around the campus and a few sights of the city.

Our team at Pratt

(R-L) Quin Boucher, Allison Yang, Asad Jawed Ahmed

We all come from different backgrounds and countries. We bring with that a varied sense of culture, its problems and the solutions we come up with.

India in Holi
India in Holi

India in Crisis. 3 things India need to remodel in 2018

Before you go ahead and read the article below I want you to be judgmental. So much judgmental that you are able to think on every statement you read, question it and then think again, so that you are able to answer it yourself. Now if you are ready, then let’s proceed. I am going to talk about India. WHat it seriously needs to think upon.

It’s 2018, where technology has almost reached its phase saturation and is now prepared to jump into   the next phase of mind blowing inventions and discoveries I put forward this question. How many remarkable discoveries or inventions has India contributed to the world? After the British left us, have we made a single building which stands out on the atlas? Or, have we figured out yet how to reach miles within minutes? These questions seem very dramatic or vague to hear but we have to agree that our country is about to face a huge crisis. A crisis in human resource, education system, government and much more, if not acted soon. I list down 3 basic things India needs to remodel for a sustainable future.


What is the point of Education system in India?

India's literacy rate is at 74.04%. Kerala has achieved a literacy rate of 93.91%. Bihar is the least literate state in India, with a literacy of 63.82%. Even the least literate state in India has majority of literate people onboard. But how many of us are really educated? Just to clarify, a literate person is the one who can read, write and understand what he is reading and writing. An educated person is the one who can analyze and make rightful decisions. He may subsequently be able to read and write as well. So, let us analyze, what are we taught from the very beginning? While in Primary schools we are taught the basics of language and sciences. In post primary we are forced to learn by heart all the ‘Behind the scenes’ of the sciences. As we proceed to secondary we are told that calculus is the most important thing in life followed by Pythagoras theorem, which we are going to use to survive the rest of our life. Then of course, prepare for IITs and AIIMS. If you get admission, then well and good and if not then prepare again and do the same. If failure persists then take admission in some private college, throw like 10-12 airbags of money. Then you get a job in someone else’s company in where you work day and night to earn money so that your kid can do the same as you did so that he can get a job to earn money for their kids and the cycle continues. What is the point of this? What is the point of our education system if no meaning of life is achieved? What is the point of our education system if we are not advancing to the future on our own? What is the point of education system if we still can’t figure out a way to write a remarkable history for the future? We need change. Change in our understanding and our education system. A change that lights up the path of a bright future. Not the ’15-lac-google-package’ bright future. But a sustainable and remarkable future where people appreciate creativity and people have time to live LIFE. We have to become curious again. We have to discover the lost lands again and we have to re-invent flying machines one more time. All we are taught to get a good 6 figure job and work for someone else. But less talk of working for self and inventing new creations. Less talk of being an entrepreneur. Less talk of being creative. I don’t have a solution to pose here, but I do want to awaken in you,

‘What is the point of education system in India?’


In whose hands India is?

If given, we all can for sure write so much about our government. Can’t we? Leave all the statistics behind. Let’s count on what we see with our eyes. How many decades has it been since we saw a visible advancement in infrastructure? Still in our country we have so less profound example of new buildings. We still rely upon what the British and Sultanates left for us. Even in 2018, Chandigarh-A city designed by Le Corbusier is the example given in city planning. We have got the least 4g speed in the world. Travelling just a 100 kilometers take hours. Leave a car, but majority of middle class families cannot afford an Air conditioner. Education system that should be free is the most expensive asset the government has made. Some colleges are even allowed to charge as much as 25 lac rupees per annum in medical courses. Ultimately our government is making healthcare expensive. And what about farmers? They still committing suicide? And the government is still having a sip of tea. In an era where we should be talking about sustainability and efficiency, majority of us are apparently talking about ‘Mandir wahin banega’ It’s okay to be religious. I would rather say religion is necessary and one of the most important aspect for a person to become humane. But fighting illogically in the name of religion is definitely an unforgivable crime. It’s not a war to fight upon. Its general life and no one should be barred in the name of religion. India is overall a young country ruled by an old school system which not only evokes us to argue in the name of what is dead but also restricts a sustainable future for generations. Why would there comes a need for the students to protest when their exams are round the corner. Why killing a human for an animal is justified? Why does it take years to bring justice to a victim? Why India even has a rape capital? I see problem in the system. Only the youth have the power to change the system. Youth is going to become the next governing body of the future. Our government system needs re-evaluation. We need ‘educated’ officials rather than chai walas to lead us into the future. We have to stop being a scheduled citizen unseeing everything. We are being governed by a government where we are even not really sure about the qualification of our prime minister. If the same situation continues, we will still be in a dimension where a man selling ‘pakoras outside your office will be considered perfectly employed. Again I don’t propose a solution but ask you,

“Is this the the way we desire?”


How much curious are you?

Believe it or not India has been the hub of Art, Creativity and Design since ages. Have a look on the temples of Madurai, Paintings of Madhubani, Jugaads in Punjab, Caves of Maharashtra, Architecture of Mughals, Spices of Kerala and so much more. The list won’t end. But the Sad part is, these were the inventions and creations of past. All these we talk about to feel the pride in us are the work done and taught by our ancestors. How many years has it been since we felt pride on something of present? We have stopped being curious. And we have stopped being creative. Think of this way, we work day in and out so that we can earn a living. Earn money to enjoy things like travel, music, dance etc. And we pay for it. We earn money to make a difference. A good difference. Unfortunately, in a stream of earning money we flown so much that all we now remember is to earn money and have no idea where to spend it. Thus, we end up spending money irrationally. Money should be subsequent to creativity. Even if money continues to increase in number or value, Creativity should not face the downside. We have to become creators, inventors, artists and designers. That way we can bring meaning to our life, rather than growing up creative and ending up working for some third company helping them make 8 figure money. Creativity brings solutions, it opens up minds. All we need is to redevelop an eye for creativity. Let the artist in you come out and design for the world instead of becoming a robot pressing buttons all day in exchange of money. I do not say money is not important. All I want to say money should not become prior to life. Life is short. Fill it with colors. Carve out a dream. Work on it and make it come true. Or else you will remain working for someone else to make their dream come true. And rest, become a corporate slave.


You’ve made to the end of this post. Think over what you have read above. And comment if you have something to say. Also so share it for more of us need to think upon this. Facebook, twitter or whatever you like. By the end, I give you this clip from Dead Poets Society. Enjoy. 🙂

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Am I possessed?

Am I possessed?


Being possessed is a roller-coaster of traumatic existential bliss

Volatile physical and conscious control over of one’s own body.

Some dark visions remain, every real moment in seconds, go amiss.

In this state, people still exist physically but their vibes, gaudy


The possessed have excessive strength, stamina, and wisdom

They might seem burning to the touch or as cold as a rock.

They talk in a different voice, their real voices getting seldom

Getting the victim to fight, tougher every moment, racing a clock.


I stare at screens for hours at large with an unknown look on my face.

And the profile: expressionless, un-deterring tired eyes, ruby red

I am in sync with others possessed but am absolved of the rat race.

I exist in that constant bandwidth of complacency, I live, but half dead.


I can’t snap out, can’t find an escape in your stories and advice.

So hardened I am, emotional blackmail stopped working on me.

Despite the ‘machine existence’, I lash out at the name of the Lord.

Involuntary actions of extreme faith or denouncing Lord ill be.


I think I am possessed, I spent 4 hours hitting click-bait on YouTube yesterday.

I was on and off Instagram watching celebrity updates the day before

I prayed this morning and everything stopped, it was going to be a good work-day

I think I am possessed, I spent my entire afternoon Facebooking at the door.


That was a different approach to the condition of being possessed, which is now termed as a medical condition, who knows, it just might be.

Here are more poems from the author.

the night on the ice


Go listen to some slam poetry at Button Poetry

mix tape woes
mix tape woes

The Dying Art: Mix Tapes

Mix tapes- Its dying

The generation we live in exist at a time where we are, hit with a blast of new technology advancements almost every few months, and we have a question in front of us, what do we do with our New but now old gadgets. Especially in terms of music, who buys any gadgets anymore!


The cassette tape didn’t actually face such a sudden disregard, it reigned for several years as the true medium for music, but with the advent of CDs and then the Mp3 the cassette had a dwindling fan following. Music didn’t need a physical form.

So audio cassettes was a plastic case, with plastic magnetic tape, which were available either as pre-recorded or empty units that could be used to record audio.

Getting to the point of the article.

As millennials or even younger people, we have little or no experience with it.

The audio cassette was the best friend a music lover could have. The cassette had a life.

Almost like a life. It would start off great, long hours of playing and then a time would come when it would just start malfunctioning. This was the time to take precautionary measures or if needed do damage control.

So what is a Mix-Tape?

Almost lost in all the technicality up there, a mix tape is an audio cassette with songs recorded on them in an arrangement, as created by the Mixer.

Let’s break that up, so when someone uses pre-recorded audios and combines them from different sources onto a particular blank cassette in a chronological order and creates a concert for a specialized audience.

This cassette can be played on individual devices like a Sony Walkman which as of now faces a revival, thanks to Guardians of the galaxy star Chris Pratt.

Here is a link to an awesome walkthrough of the Walkman by Star Lord himself,(no pun intended)

This totally creates an urgent need for everyone to go buy/rent a Walkman and listen to an audio cassette.

Throughout the 1st movie the “Awesome mix volume 1” captures Star-lord and the viewers in a trance, with the surprise gift of a Volume 2 at the end of the movie.

Check out the playlist of the Awesome mix volume 1 and volume 2.

So Who is a Mixer?

A DJ who plays pre-recorded music will be termed a Mixer.

So a Mixer is not entirely a live turntable Dj or on the other side an audio duplicating pirate. He is somewhere in the middle, a place that makes him truly amazing.

You might say that all he does is create a playlist.

Essentially yes, but that isn’t where he stops, he creates a seamless/abrupt transition to the next song.

He creates playlists tailor made for an audience and most importantly. He gifts it or shares it as a physical object, which doesn’t seem to be happening a lot these days.

Nostalgia, music sense, audience taste all of this ended up in creating a mix tape.

What would you call this if not an art form.

The Mix tape was the best gift that one could create and share with a loved one.

Not if you were one of Hannah’s friends from 13 reasons why, she ruined the cassette for this generation.

Here is a glimpse of 13 Reasons Why.

Gym Class heroes: stereo hearts was an epic tribute to mix tapes, boom box and the art of mixing.

The lyrics summarize all the emotions involved with the life around a mix tape. Check it out.

My youngest memories of the mix tape is my mom recording songs of the movies ‘Mission Kashmir’ and ‘Naayak’ for us, and ‘Bumro  Bumro’ rang our house aloud after its release.

To be honest she was a really good Mixer.

So yes finally, mix tapes are amazing end products of an art creating endeavor, and they are dying a slow death . With people sharing playlists with other apps and websites, nothing really beats a self-recorded mix tape, and graphics on the mix tape case is another genre in itself.

The Cassette tape has its own share of problems, it ruins the magnetic tape, its protective case breaks but that is probably one of its charms, it needs as much love to handle as much love is needed to create it. Its physical junky nature is the art.


Check out some of our other cool articles and posts right here.

So now that it is dying and there is also a sort of revival, it’s worth the while to go out pull out a few cassettes or mix tapes, listen to it, and maybe even make a mix-tape.

Tell us you story of a Cassette tape or how your plan of a mix tape goes about, in the comments below.

The art of Architectural Rendering: Rendering Techniques

In our last article we discussed about the tips to remember while rendering presentation drawings, let’s take a step ahead and learn some interesting Rendering Techniques. In this article we will strictly keep our focus on techniques of rendering and then we will further roll-on to deliver more interesting ideas. There are numerous techniques which practitioners take into account while painting their canvas. Some of them are just derivatives of each other while some are totally different.

To create a rendering style is difficult but to pick one becomes an easy part. Pablo Picasso wisely said, "Good artists copy but great artists steal."

Pick out the rendering style that suits your drawings the best and keep painting the canvas.

Linear Pattern Rendering Technique

Rendering with just lines can create wonders, bring out the desirable depth and give the drawing an edge above the ordinary ones. Lines of varying sizes can be used to shade the portions of the drawing. Adding a gradient to depict the path of light, highlighting the curvature of a portion or just exhibiting the show of light and shadow in the drawing. All these things can be achieved by line work.

Rendering Techniques

The thickness of the line and it's tone is a task of patience and intelligence. Also the distance between adjacent lines while marking depths in the drawing is a tricky part. Distant lines gives a transparent patch while closely packed lines gives an opaque patch.

Hatching (vertical, horizontal or diagonal) in different directions for the same patch will pull out a gradient, hence giving much depth to the same drawing. Variation in the direction of linework creates dynamism of light and the factor of realism can be pulled out.

Rendered by Parul Panchal

Patch Pattern Rendering Technique

Patches can be defined as solid colour filled polygons of different sizes. Working with patches of different sizes is also a technique which is being used in interesting ways. Majorly this technique is used in textures and grains of the graphics. Patchwork are attention seekers and may stand bold in the composition, hence the transparency is the key to this technique.

Patch rendering has a vast application and can be used in almost every type of graphic design. Dia-grid structures, space frame composites or grids of concrete masses can be easily represented using patch work. 

Patches can also be used to create and design abstract paintings and compositions. Monochromatic patches arranged in a system of rhythm and harmony are trending features of the modern-art fraternity. This is one of the most used Rendering Techniques in the field of architecture.

Rendered by Parul Panchal

Blending Rendering Technique

This is one of the most extensively used technique in the world of rendering. This gives the artist the flexibility to use mixed media and create aesthetic results. Blending technique is the usage of colours merging into one without a firm boundary. The colours blend in an organic form leaving no traces of lines of shapes.

The blending technique is the best possible way to portray smooth variations in color tones to form a gradient. Water based colours are mostly used by artists because of easy application. Blending technique is effective when conducted with water based, alcohol based or pigment based coloring agents. Due to the availability of low viscosity fluids in the medium, the blend of different colors comes out effectively. This is one of the Rendering Techniques, people from the field of fine arts use.

Rendered by Parul Panchal

Monochrome Rendering Technique

Do not confuse monochrome with just a black and white composition. Monochrome technique is a presentation of the drawing with just a single color. The color is used in varying hue values and opacities, process is completed using the above given methods to get the final output.

Monochrome renders are no less attractive than the multi-color presentations. The perception and the conveyance of a monochrome render is dependent on the reader's vision.

Rendered by Parul Panchal


The techniques will obviously differ on the basis of medium of rendering (pencil shading, water colours, charcoal, chalk etc.), type of drawings and also on the basis of varying foreground and background of the drawing.


Pick up your style, Pick up the tools and create wonders. You may also look at this article which talks RENDERING WITH PEN & INK.

Rendering credits: Parul Panchal

The angel failed fighting the devil: Mr Shaw who ended the story

“Mr. Shaw, please, please don’t, there has been a mistake, I don’t even know you, PLEASE!” He kept whimpering, crying, crawling on his broken leg, begging for mercy. I grinned, cleaning the moist forehead and settled in my chair with a mug of my dark latte. I gulped down, took a deep breath and picked up the next maneuver of my assault. A 25-pound ridged steel rod grinding against the concrete floor, the rustic sound blissfully hit my ears but ironically frightened the already bleeding man. “Chocking, he cried again, Mr. Shaw, I don’t remember, I really don’t, I beg you, please!” You must ponder Mr. Samuel, or this will sure make your brain work. Slashing the rod against the broken shin, cutting through the skin tissue, the pain soared his muscles and clenched his nerves, shrieks and cries echoed the emptiness. Another slash across the lower spine and the blood splattered on the wall, opening a cleave deep enough to expose the bone anatomy. The story does not ends here.


The cries just amplified. He has already lost 1/3rd of his vitals and is now screeching to death. The exigent blows have numbed his senses and now he lays still, passed off as the pain struck his system, but I don’t want him to die before he knows. I want him to remember, I want him to know, I want him to feel the exact same way as she did. I dragged him across the room and made him sit on the chair, tied his feet and arms and sprinkled water on his face. Senses steered back in, dark swollen eyes gazing right into the Ice Pick which I held in my fist. While I walked at the back of the chair, Samuel started shivering, anticipating, palpitating, craving to halt his pulse and escape the hour. I hissed in his ear, “Do you recall 24th of September, a Tuesday, restrooms of Lady Isabel senior secondary school?” Oh! she was petite, she was fragile, she was alone, frightened and helpless. Unaware of the gaze, unaware of the sultry in your eyes, unaware of your intentions & unaware of the pain. I caressed his neck with the tip of the Ice pick, hissed again, “I want you to remember the pain which she went through, I want you to bleed!” I pushed the length of the pick into his trapezoidal section, intentionally missing on the carotid, but pinching the right nerves to slowly squeeze out the life left in him. Pushed to exactly where it would puncture the right lung and then pulled out explosively. The whizzing blood stream erupted through the hole and stippled our clothes. He groaned in pain, flexed his arms and thumped his feet on the ground, helpless. I asked, “Do you recall professor?” Speak up, Mr. Samuel, Former physics professor, “Do you now realize the amount of pain you inflicted on her? The day you forcefully got inside her. “Did you not feel pity for her, did you not think that she is too young, too delicate to handle the pressure of being physically and mentally assaulted?” The story continues


Yes, she cried, tried to stop, but she was helpless while being pressed under the weight of lust and pedophilia. Later, crushed under the obscene statements of the society, crushed under the accusations of her peers, you crushed my doll like she bore no value. The rage in me rose higher and above and I uttered words way out of sanity. My body was shaking with the emotions running through, the nostalgia of togetherness, the feeling of being loved, with moistened eyes and a heavy heart, I composed myself again, walked to the barren wall and spoke; I received her in broken pieces of her demise. She couldn’t even move a muscle, smirk in childish treachery which she always played, she could neither see nor feel the warmth of my embrace. My fortune, my accomplice, my warrior, she was my beloved daughter. She was pious, her chastity never allowed her to look down on anyone, she was a believer. She would bow down every morning to seek forgiveness and goodwill, she was courteous. Awardee of the best athlete, aspiring to join the armed forces; she was a fighter. You pierced her soul which I had crafted with so much love and compassion. The gushing emotions had filled my heart and tears had started rolling, words came out in huffed voices, but the anger weighed greater than remorse. You devil, Samuel, you tore her apart, romped her dreams with your petty fetish, nipped the bud which was bound to bloom. The angel failed fighting the devil. She did speak to me, her last words being, “I couldn’t be strong enough daddy!” Oh, she was a strong girl, she was tough as a rock, just that the burden of being raped was beyond her caliber. I walked to the chair again, facing him, I spoke, “Mr. Samuel, you don’t deserve to live, you never did deserve this life.” I looked in to his eyes and pushed the pick across the jaw, into the neck, through the carotid, puncturing the wind pipe and popping out of the other side of the neck. Tears dripped out of the eyes, I turned around, and hummed the rhyme my daughter taught me when she was 10. 

“He is a savior, he is the guardian,
He’ll give me strength while flying like a falcon;
He is a mighty, he is the one.”



The gun shot silenced the chore and the hall melancholily laid still, lifeless! 

And hence the story ends. Do we need people like Mr. Shaw ? Aren't too many of Mr. Samuel out there ? Let not this story happen again. Share it. Do the good work.

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The art of Architectural Rendering: 5 points you should never miss

Introduction to Architectural rendering

Architectural rendering, plans, drawings and perspectives are common to the knowledge of architecture students. Preparing presentation drawings demands more of aesthetic appeal. Colours and textures bring in the flavour which drives in the reader's interest in a positive sense. Rendering is not just about putting in the right colours and textures, it has a diverse blend of tricks and techniques to pull out charismatic results.

Here are some of the basic tips and guides to start rendering your plans and perspectives so that they improve your performance score.

Without further delay, let’s get you started. Here are some of the important points to keep in mind when you start to plot your ideas for the final outcome.


This is the first and foremost thing to keep in mind while picking colours and strokes for your drawing. All the elements of the drawing must be distinct and legible to the reader's eye. Taking example of a site plan where there will be hard paved, soft paved, asphalt, green patches, water pits and built masses; the colour and texture of all the above mentioned elements must be different.

Different doesn't mean contrasting or drastically different, the colours can be monotones (mix of varying hue values of the same colour). The blend of the right colour tones will bring out the best results.  This brings us to the next guide to produce aesthetic rendered drawings.


Harmony is a design principle and works aptly with rendering as well. While plastering materials and colours, the outcome should be a harmonious composition. All the colours must compliment each other and respect the presence of one another. No colour in the drawing shall be appealing/overpowering in context to the others. This diminishes the value of other elements and distracts the line of vision of the reader.

Vivid colours is not a restriction, but you must be cautious and conscious at the same time. You certainly don't want the focus to shift just because you like Saffron or may be RGB Red. Again, vibrance is not a restriction, the usage has to be calculative.


Moving further, this aspect helps keeping the values of different objects at an equivalent level and gives a depth to the perspective.


This aspect can be achieved by implementing different techniques. Solid filling of colour using low opacity colours does the job best. Other method could be using techniques like hatching/stipling gives the effect of transparency.

Transparency gives legibility to the underlying texture and also keeps the vividity of the colour low key.

Not only in areas of solid fill but also in rendering objects placed on the drawing, transparency works wonders. Pulling down the opacity of the objects marks its presence on the drawing and does not obstruct the visual lines of other important elements.

If you want your design to take an upper ground, pull down the opacity of subordinate objects.


Undoubtedly, nothing works in isolation and the world lives in global illumination. Therefore, falling light should not be ignored.


Light plays the most important role in rendering drawings. The placement of the light sources and the type of light falling on the drawing creates interesting transitions. Light adds on the required dynamics to the drawing by aptly playing with the shades and shadows of the drawings.


In case of plans, elevations and sections, the sciography comes in play while in case of views and perspectives, the shade as well as shadows comes into play. The amount of gradient, darkness and lightness of differently lit areas enhances the visual drama of the drawings and makes it more realistic and appealing to the reader.

A more detailed explaination on lights and shodows is given here.

Markings and Labelling

Marking the drawings with relevant data like levels, areas, circulation is the final job to do while completing the drawings. Legibility of the texts over and under the rendered surfaces creates huge differences in the outlook of the composition. Some of the 'do nots' while marking are -

  • Avoid writing texts before completing the colouring part.
  • Texts and markers must not mix with objects.
  • Shouldn't be written over textures surfaces.
  • Shouldn't be marked on areas with dark colours.


This script guides the students and practitioners to start rendering their plans and perspectives irrespective of the type of project. We plan to bring in details of rendering skills & techniques, project specific rendering techniques, time specific rendering skills and also object specific rendering skills in the upcoming articles. Till then, keep rendering.

Also this is going to be a series on architectural rendering. So, keep visiting and keep learning.

The art of architectural rendering: Part II 


Also the topic is much relatable to techniques used in painting. You can learn some oh them here. For more articles related to art and rendering click here

What is photo blogging? 3-step guide to start your own photography blog

Photography-the art of snapping moments into a picture is an undying art form which is existing since ages and is a beautiful talent to acquire. In the late years it has become much popular among the youngsters and adults. Can’t be denied all of us desire to capture every other moment of our lives into a photograph. And after years when you look back your photographs, you just adore the crazy moments of your past. With a lot to do with photography out there, we introduce you to ‘Photo blog’. Following is a 4 step guide to set up your own Photo blog. 

Step 1: Understand Photo blogging


Photo blogging as the name itself suggests is a technique of publishing your photos with a story behind to make the readers understand what lies behind your photographs. And it should be published online on a website within the niche of photography. 

Step 2: Define your photography style.

You must have develop a photographic style of your own. It is most likely based on your interests and what you like to capture. If not, then there are several styles of photography described here for you to opt from. There are many styles like Street photography, Architectural shoot, Fashion communication and much more. You are totally free to define your own brand new style of photography. The possibility of this is limitless. And remember you really don’t need an expensive camera-a DSLR or an SLR to click awesome photographs. Your camera mobile can do the job perfectly.

Street photography

Portrait photography

Abstract Photography

Fashion shoot

Candid photography

Architectural photography

Step 3: Choose a platform

When you are done with defining your style you need to choose a platform where you can publish you photographs. And make it sure that the website should be within the niche of photography. For clarification, Instagram is a photo social networking platform not a photo blogging platform. Some may relate it to photo blog but we highly recommend to use one of the following platforms to publish.

  1. Tumblr: When it comes to free, easy and quick photo blogging Tumblr gets the lead. It does has the possibility of sharing anything beyond photographs but still, it reasonably justifies its photography niche.
  2. 500px: As the website describes itself ‘The Premier Photography Community’ it is truly a platform to get amazing photographs from many renowned photographers. It has a collection of stock photographs and is a website where you can even sell your photographs. The problem is, 500px does charge you a minimal amount to get full access. However, the charge is worth paying for. Beginners can start from its basic plan of $1.67/month.
  3. Your own website: This sounds a little work before you can truly start publishing your photographs but it is a fantastic idea of having a photo blog website of your own. After all you will be the master of your own. You will be able to showcase and monetize your photos as per your own wish. Setting up a website is not a very tough job in present scenario. You just have to have a basic understanding of web development which is merely a 3 hour job at maximum and you are ready to go. However you can start by creating a website for free under WordPress or Blogger.
  4. The perspective Hub: We are not trying to endorse ourselves but yes, theperspectivehub is a growing community of artists from varying field of interests. You can check out the photography section here and joining theperspectivehub is totally free as of now. So, why wait? Join us now.

Apart from these there are many other platforms where you can publish and monetize your photographs. But we highly recommend to get a website of your own. Humans of New York is a great example of self-made photo blog.

Also there are many places to get inspiration from. Instagram can be really helpful to get inspired. You should really check some of the Instagram accounts for amazing photographs. Some of the examples are Natgeo, Delhigram, and Humansofny.

Now, go ahead and start photo blogging. Become a photo blogger. If you have questions or you need help to start your own photo blog then write us here. We encourage artists and will help to set up their own platforms for free.

Hit the smiles icon/like button if this article helped you. Tag your photographer friend below and do not forget to share it.